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Welcome to our blog!  In this space we are posting some of our stories from behind the scene at Vamos Expeditions. New scouting trips, about new destinations, photos, interesting conferences we are attending and also some stories of our Vamos travelers that want to share parts of their experiences while traveling with us. We do our best to keep the information interesting, with travel tips and useful information about  traveling in Peru and Latin America for anybody who is interested.  Enjoy our Blog!

Latin America is an area so unique that it captures the imagination in a way that no other corner of the world can. You easily get entranced by the beauty of this magical land and charmed by the warmth of the people that call it home. From the Andes to the Amazon, from the history of the Mayan people to the mystery of the Incan civilization, from Rio carnaval to the serene mysticism of Machu Picchu. There is something for everyone!

When you look at traveling with Vamos Expeditions to Latin America, you´ll find a trip that is just right for you and if not we’ll make it for you. For our trip check our website: http://www.vamosexpeditions.com or contact us at: info@vamosexpeditions.com to help us create your own adventure.

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  1. VAMOS EXPEDITIONS propone trabajar en programas nacionales para generar apertura y verdad, el respeto, la integración social, cultural y comercial. El Perú no es un país pobre sino un país rico.
    Excelente aporte al desarrollo de la zonas más ricas, interesantes y puras del país.

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