The Magical Water Circuit of Lima is the largest water fountain compound in the world, certified by Guinness World Records. Here you can enjoy a wonderful display of water, light, music and images presented in the Reserve Park, one of Lima’s most beautiful urban areas.


“Magic Fountain” is the largest fountain in the Park of the Reserve


The Fantasia Fountain, site of a regularly scheduled laser and picture show, is 120 m in length and contains jets that are synchronized to music



The Children’s Fountain

1 A typical attraction where local families, couples and visitors can enjoy the evening.

The Magical Water Circuit of Lima

ATENTION: Tuesday to Sunday
From 3:00 am. to 10:00 pm.

General admission: S /. 4.00.
(Under 5 years, over 65 and disabled persons admitted free)

Show  “The Fantasia Fountain” : 7:15 pm. // 8:15 pm. // 9:30 pm.

Address:    Door No. 3
Av. Petit Thouars cdra. 5 con Jr. Madre de Dios
Cercado de Lima
Lima – Peru
Phone: (01) 330-3052

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