8 Churches that you can’t miss in the Center of Lima

In Lima, the churches are greater relevance sites , which are an important reference both historical and architectural details and designs. Limenas churches are own of the colonial era in which the Spanish influences achieved some buildings such as the that we enjoyed until our days. In Lima, the most important churches are located in the historical center of the city, where the highlight are the following:


Located in the Plaza San Martin, block 2 of Jiron Carabaya, District of Lima. This is the main church of Peru, your architecture has a renaissance style and in the main facade is appreciate the statues of the Apostles and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Here is the museum of religious art in which are preserved various paintings and sculptures from the colonial era. In the Cathedral can be seen the remains of Francisco Pizarro.


Located in Jirón Camaná 170, in the District of Lima. Its construction took just over 50 years and it was remodelled several times because of earthquakes. Is dedicated to our Lady of the Rosary. In this place you can find the Altar of the saints and the ashlar peruvian oldest in the country. The convent preserves the traces of Santa Rosa de Lima and San Martin de Porres. Next is the Basilica of the Vera Cruz, according to the story, this temple was built next to the Church of Santo Domingo for the purpose of abelgar a fragment of the cross on which Christ, relic that was sent by Pope Paul III died. Inside you can see various altarpieces and a marble altar.


Located on the corner of Jr. Ánchas Jr. Lampa of the District of Lima. This architectural complex is built on the catacombs which served as a cemetery during the Colony, hosting up to almost 25 thousand people. It is Baroque style with a main facade of stone, two towers of 20 meters in height. In its interior appreciate 21 altars and paintings from the Cusqueña School.


Located in Jr. de la Union 621, on the corner of Huancavelica, the District of Lima, built in 1535 and restored by the 1746 earthquake, it takes the title of Minor Basilica, and is under the tutelage of the Mercedarian order. It has a Baroque facade, where it is possible to see the image of the Virgen de las Mercedes. In the interior of this church are several works and sculptures of the viceroyal art, within which stresses on the high altar the effigy of Our Lady of Mercy.


Located in Huancavelica 515, on the corner of Av. Tacna, the District of Lima. This is a complex that includes religious Shrine and monastery to worship the Lord of Miracles, enjoys great influx in the month of October. It was inagurated in 1771 still promoter of its construction the Viceroy Manuel de Amat Junient. The temple has a architectural Rococo style, in its interior oil paintings and has seven retablos,11 paintings and 17 sculptures.


Nuestra señora del Rosario  is considered the smallest church in the world! It is adobe, thatch, wood and brick, singular for its size (It is 12 meters long and 10 meters high where there is a high altar, an oratory and two side altars) and architecture and is located in the second block of the Jr. Trujillo, in the District of Rimac. This is unknown to Lima in general. It was possibly the first temple that rose after the Cathedral. However, it has everything that tends to have a large church. This Chapel belongs to the parish of San Lazaro, whose Church is two blocks away, and is part of the historic centre of Lima, Cultural heritage.


Located in block 2 of Jr. Ica with the crossroads of the block 4 Jr. Camana in the District of Lima. Another of the major churches of the city, has undergone reconstructions and alterations due to the earthquakes that have plagued the city. Its architectural style is baroque facade has a carved in stone and has ten images including St. Augustine in the center. Among its main attractions of the temple are the choir stalls and the drawers of the sacristy.


Located in the first block of the Tacna Avenue, in the District of Lima. This church is located inside the Sanctuary built in his honor to the woman who then became the first saint of the Americas, where they can observe also the breadth of your home as well as the famous Well of desires, which throughout the year and in particular the August 30, celebrated the feast of the holy in Peru, is visited by thousands of devotees who write their requests, which show the fund with faith for that Santa Rosa de Lima make them some miracle. It was called as a sanctuary because in that place is where it was born and lived Isabel Flores de Oliva, Santa Rosa de Lima, now converted into a beautiful set with religious temple and monastery

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